Are you in need of a healthcare marketing plan for your medical facility or clinic? It might look like a simple task to execute, but comprehensively thinking about it and its execution can be quite the task.

Over recent years, we have conceptualized several strategies for medical clinics. Our strategies are customized to meet the client’s unique aims and help them to achieve their goals. The team in our employ has learned various things from healthcare marketing.

In this article, we are sharing the different dos and don’ts as you consider the concept and implementation of your marketing strategy.


The vision of the plan

This should not come as much of a surprise. For your medical practice, you are looking at the end goal. How and where will your business be after five years? You need to iron this out as it assists you in identifying the shortcomings and what you need to implement your strategy.

Some of the questions that will guide you include:

– Do you need to bring in any personnel?

– What type of patients are you looking forward to serving?

– What about the services? Are you specializing or going a bit broader?

What are your goals?

While it might seem like an obvious task, you will be surprised by the number of medical clinics and companies that have not set the goals of the company. All your goals should be SMART, specific, able to be measured, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

From our experience, you should set less than five goals that you can be able to achieve in a year. In addition, your goals should marry in with the vision.

Competitive Analysis

Your medical clinic doesn’t operate within a vacuum. You are in a competitive market with other players seeking to secure the same services that you provide. Peruse the market and check on the strategies employed by your competitors. By identifying their weakness, you could have stumbled onto a niche that will work wonders for you.

Consider the use of tools

In the thought process of your healthcare digital marketing strategies, you should consider the use of tools. Some of them include:

– Networking. They say your network is your net worth. And in most cases, they are not wrong. Connect with others to know their needs.

– Marketing through printed messages.

– Use of digital/ social media channels.

– The concept of a website.

– Free media in the form of blogs and other media.

Healthcare marketing agency.


The use of humor

You might consider yourself quite the comedian and easy-going fellow. However, this is not the place. If you want to use humor, you must use it in a strategic and sparing manner.


We understand that you seek to draw the attention of the readers to the call to action. You want them to call you or send you an email. Readers, on the other hand, are more interested to know what you are offering them and how it can benefit them. Consider that.

Dos and Don’ts of Healthcare Digital Marketing
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