Instagram, nowadays, is not just a social network but it also has become an attractive place for online business and digital marketing and it really can help to earn a lot of money. It’s because more than 1 billion monthly active users are using Instagram and spending an average of 53 minutes per day. About 71% of US businesses claimed that they use Instagram for business. People now prefer Instagram more than Facebook as it is easy to use. So, most of the people are eager to know how to increase their Instagram followers and to reach a bigger audience.

Instagram can be used as a perfect tool for an online business or for digital marketing when you get to know the tactics to use it, thus, making it more useful. If you are interested in growing your Instagram organically this article will surely help you in increasing your followers and gaining more popularity.

Increase your Followers:

  1. First and foremost, for an increase in followers, select your target audience and began to follow them so they get to know about your content and visit your page. Also, your bio should be attractive and you should change it once in a week to add uniqueness. Furthermore, post stuff on a daily basis to attract your audience. Add more hashtags to your captions, but they should be linked to your post. Follow social influencers more to get a wide variety of audiences. Also, promote UGC i.e. user-generated content. This could be shout outs, giveaways, posting users pictures on your profile, etc.
  2. Another useful strategy can be Gary Vaynerchuk 1.80 Instagram Strategy. Identify 10 most related hashtags to your content and spend about 20 seconds scrolling through top 9 posts of each hashtag. Leave your 2 cents on different posts is by likes, shares, comment, or in a nutshell by engaging on posts. 2 cents on each post adds up and makes 1.80. You have to do this daily. By this not only you will attract more followers but also you will get to learn more interesting stuff on a daily basis.
  3. Besides this all, you can adapt more tactics to add followers which are by creating IGTV series, writing longer captions, posting more of your videos or selfies, going live on Instagram and engaging with your audience, collaborating with others, by adding your Instagram link to other social networks, posting related memes to your page and by posting more stories like polls or question and answers, etc.



Instagram can be used for running small and large businesses, for digital marketing, for influencing, for motivation, for educational purposes and for creativity. But you have to gain potential followers for that purpose. The point to be noted is that you have to keep an eye over likes, comments, and views because what matters more is to have followers who engage more. In short, build a community around you on Instagram. The stronger your community will be, the more followers will be attracted to you.

How to Grow Your Instagram Following: A Strategic Plan