Becoming fluent in English is no short task; the process can take a significant amount of time and needs caution and dedication. If one has a computer and an internet connection, the easiest way will be to search the internet by typing the phrase like “English tutor Sydney” for example, or other locations, and then choose the best tutor that will meet your needs.

First off, you should set up a game plan and set a goal to strive towards that goal. The person should be regular, and he/she should stick to the guidelines set up. The goal should be realistic and sensible i.e., not too hard as one would give up easily and not too easy otherwise, there would not be any progress. Dedicate a space in your house, dorm, office where you would practice. Certain activities to include would be crosswords, video games related to learning English, and videos associated with the English language. However, a person will not have sufficient progress if he/she does not practice regularly. “Practice makes perfect.” One would be able to retain the vocabulary learned if he/she would practice on a daily basis for a fixed period of time, say 30 minutes.

Another way would be to make your environment speak English. Watch TV shows in English, along with English subtitles, rather than the dubbed version in your native language. Read articles online in English before retiring for the day. Another good practice would be to try to guess the lyric of the song you are hearing. Hearing yourself speak English also leads to better fluency. In front of the mirror, read aloud a paragraph that not only makes your fluency better but also leads to an increase in confidence. Read novels in English, and if you are not able to understand any particular word, look it up in the dictionary to find its meaning. Try making sentences using random vocabulary words and have them verified by someone (a friend or an instructor).

If you make a mistake while doing some task, repeat the task a few times to stop yourself from making that mistake again. While watching a video, if you are unable to keep up with the speaker or keep forgetting what the speaker had said, it would be wise to write down whatever you hear and study it afterward.  Join communities, societies to actively communicate with different people. It will lead to better vocabulary, better communication skills and would give you the opportunity to meet new people or someone special.

Once you are confident enough regarding your fluency, you can take an online test to find out where you stand. This will help you understand your mistakes as well as your strengths. A good practice would be to test yourself regularly as well and in case you do not perform well in any tests, you can always take the test again as practice makes perfect. I believe that with great amount of dedication and enough practice, you can overcome the obstacle of better fluency in English.

How can I become fluent in English?