As the number of active users on Instagram increases, so does the competition for increased followers and increased likes. In the world of today, it seems to be almost impossible to make sure that you contain a large amount of following without having to invest large sums of money. Whilst many people are resorting to third party agencies who attach automated bots to their accounts and bring unreal followers and likes to their accounts, other people are only on the lookout for efficient growth ways to build their Instagram following organically. Building your Instagram following base organically and without investing any money requires constant and persistent effort on your part but it is not impossible to do. The results that you achieve from this are surely worth the effort and the hard work! For more details relevant to growing your account, visit:

Free Growth on Instagram

In order to grow on Instagram, you need to start by conducting thorough research on the likes and dislikes of the people that you are attempting to target. It is important to target the right people whose interests match with you and they would stick around for long, in comparison to those people who would like a photo or two and then unfollow you. You can obtain the demographics of your followers and use them to dig deeper and find out statistics like the busiest Instagram hours. Plan ahead with all your posts and ideas. Make sure that you have various different posts lined up and you don’t have to undergo any stress on the last day. You should have one weeks’ posts ready over the weekend so that the next week is only involved in the posting and promotion of that content.

Like and follow accounts that are the same or similar to your account. You will be able to build relationships with other accounts and people would come out in your support the same way as you support them. Use a number of relevant hashtags and try using hashtags that are trending the most. This would expose your profile to different varieties of people from different backgrounds. Promoting your Instagram page on other social media pages and your website would ensure that you gather traffic from all the possible mediums and keep them attached and hooked to your content. Tagging and geolocation should be utilized the most as they enable you to show your local people that you are indulging in something meaningful and interesting which may attract them.

Constantly upload new stories and make polls in order to keep the conversation with your audience flowing. Engage in live sessions with your audience where you build a personal relationship with them. Lastly, make use of collaborations and influencer marketing to create popularity and a positive image of yourself!

Growing your Instagram account for free is not as hard as you may think and even though you may be attracted to turn to other ways of growth, organic growth is definitely the best option that you have.

How to Grow your Instagram Account for Free