Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s health has become a priority more than ever. Apart from proper rest and good exercise, there is something more that needs to be factored in to protect ourselves from diseases. We all know that you are more vulnerable when you are physically tired and emotionally stressed. And at times, your common meal may not cover your immune system.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should lose hope in finding any solution. You will find some of the supplements you are familiar with. This means that it only takes a bit of knowledge to know what will improve your immunity. With information on the effect of either terranova calcium complex, probiotics, or vitamin C, you can choose the best supplements for yourself and also your loved ones.

There are some supplements that you shouldn’t miss out on, and they are as follows.

Ascorbic acid supplements

Vitamin C is an important compound when it comes to protecting your body from pathogens. This particular stimulates an immune response against certain flu viruses. This is because it encourages the production of T lymphocytes that kill specific antigens and non-specific pathogens.

Also, this powerful antioxidant promotes a healthy life while lowering the risk of certain conditions.

Green tea extract

Green tea is pure from the peroxided plant Camellia Sinensis. However, its extract is a concentrated version of green tea. The extract tends to have more potent polyphenols called catechins and other nutrients. The benefits of this plant include weight loss and its amazing ability to stop the primary stages of a viral infection.

Despite these benefits, you should not overdo green tea because it can harm your heartbeat and general health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is significant for well-being. The commonly popular vitamin is known for building strong bones, improving the functioning of our body, and enhancing our immune system. This particular supplement extends deeper into our health. The natural way is to get about twenty minutes in the sun. However, there is a supplementary option if the season is not favorable. This makes sure that you reduce the chances of getting a deficiency.


For starters, you should begin with a syrup. It’s a better remedy for colds, flu, and bacterial sinus infections. This supplement works because it reduces swelling in the mucus membranes. If you have a friend who has a lot of flu and lung issues, then this would be the best way to boost their immune system. This might be the reason that elderberry has been linked as a cure to the COVID-19 infection.

Garlic supplements

Garlic supplements have the same properties as elderberries. They have antiviral properties and specialize in tackling flu and colds. Probably, this is why it has been linked with curing Covid-19 infections. Garlic works because it shortens the duration of a cold and with it at hand, you don’t have to buy something over the counter.

What Supplements Can Increase Your Immunity
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