Giant Foods is a chain of stores and pharmacies founded by David Javitch in 1923, and located at Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. With money and fame comes competition, on that note, Giant Foods have come up with a program called TalkToGiant Foods survey, where every customer can give a report on how his/her experience at Giant Foods went. The aim of this program is to improve their services and the customers’ shopping experience. This program also comes with a prize attached; all the participants will be automatically given a free entry to the draw with a final price of $500 Giant Foods gift card. Furthermore, this price is given to 5 winners on a monthly basis, although, one person is expected to enter once a month. Besides the fact that this move by Giant Foods will retain loyal and regular customers, it will give them an ample opportunity to relate with their customers in a bid to satisfy them. Just like any other survey, entrance into Giant Foods survey comes with certain rules and regulations, below are a few of them.

Giants Food Survey Rules

  • Only official residents of Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia are permitted to participate in Giant Foods survey.
  • The participants should have a phone, laptop or computer.
  • The survey will be carried out in English language; participants should be well versed in the use of English.
  • No employee and staff member of Giant Foods would be allowed to participate in the survey.
  • The relatives of Giant Foods staffs will also not be permitted to participate in the survey. Surely, you can see the justice in this rule.
  • The prize of $500 Giant Foods gift card when won, cannot be sold or transferred by the winner.


Steps to Follow in Order to Participate in Giants Food Survey.

After the customer has gone through the above-mentioned rules and is assured that he / she has met all that is required, he will now be faced with the option to choose between the online entry or entry by mailing.

Online Entry

  • Purchase at least one item from Giants food.
  • Read the rules and make sure your understand them.
  • Answer the questions displayed there and don’t forget your honest opinion is needed.
  • Fill in your contact details so you can be contacted if you win. Here is a video that will give you an idea what Giants food survey 

Entry Through Mail.

  • Print your name, phone number, address, zip code, city and state clearly on a 3” × 5” card
  • Mail it to “Giant in-store Customer Satisfaction Survey”, P.O. Box 10430, Rochester, New York 14610.
  • Or you can call their customer service at 1 (888) 469-4426
Talk to Giant Foods Survey